Power and Gentleness of a Father

Happy Fathers Day

The power of the ocean surf, in the hands of our Heavenly Father, batters unrelenting rock to form beautiful coastlines as a gift to His children. With a more gentle hand He deposits sand on the beach that His children may find peace, rest, and enjoyment marveling at the vastness of His work.

Earthly fathers are not so different. We work powerfully, often in difficult and unrelenting conditions, to provide our children with good gifts of peace, rest, and enjoyment of the richness of life. The difference is He is perfect, we are not, and there are times we fall short of the example we would like to be. And so we confess our failings, His forgiveness floods over us from above, and bubbles up from our children.

May all you who fulfill the honorable role of father be blessed on this your day. May you know the blessing of being a child of our Heavenly Father, loved beyond measure. May your children see your power and gentleness and know that they are loved beyond measure.

Crashing waves