This post originally appeared on the blog on April 26, 2016. 

Acorn Woodpecker

I started this post about two weeks ago according to my revision timeline. Why do I mention how long it has been? Because that is too long to let a draft sit, particularly when there hasn’t been anything else posted. In fact, the last article I posted was a month ago. My goal was to post more regularly once I retired. What happened?


Retirement has freed me up to do more than when I was working. Instead of sitting in a cube doing one thing for eight solid hours, I now find myself doing several things and running from one activity to another with little or no time between. Sometimes activities get combined. Dog walking and photography for example.

These images of Acorn Woodpeckers were made two weeks ago while I was walking Roxie, our four year old terrier mix, in the park where we rescued her.

But that’s not important. Distractions are.

Retirement is teaching me the importance of schedules. When I worked in the cube I basically had a list of task to do. Start at the top, work to the bottom. Of course, items kept getting added to the list, so you never got to the bottom. The point here is that all I had to do was keep moving down the list.

Not so in retirement. The only way things ever seem to get accomplished is if I make appointments with myself to get stuff done. The danger in not making appointments with yourself is the ease with which distractions can derail you.

So, I made a point of writing this article today. Well…I blew it. I just looked at the clock and it is tomorrow. Distractions were allowed to intervene into my day and at 12:06 AM I am finishing the post I had hoped to get done yesterday.

Acorn Woodpecker

Both of these shots and more Stockton wildlife images can be seen in this gallery. More are on the way if I don’t get distracted.

Thanks for having a look and for taking time to read my blog. Your comments are always appreciated.