Remember the batteries and other faith thoughts

Psalm 46:10

Faith Thoughts

This morning I’m thinking about where the Lord is leading us. It isn’t always clear. Sometimes He just says, “Go…. I will show you…” And then you go.

As you step out in faith, knowing that His plans are greater than your plans, confirmation comes in ways both small and great. Opening eyes of faith helps you see His grand plan. Slowly at first, and then more clearly as faith builds on faith.

Before you know it, you are caught up with the excitement of what God is doing. Nothing gets in the way of you walking the path to where He is leading.

I wrote this Facebook post a few days ago.

Remember the Batteries

As I continue thinking about where the Lord is leading, I’m doing it from an advanced position. A new perspective.

From the perspective of a backyard in Georgia I’m thinking about batteries. It is a short trip this time, and I didn’t want to bring a lot of camera gear. One lens would do. We are here to look at house, not make pictures, but I always like to have my camera with me when I travel. I wasn’t even going to bring a spare battery, so I made sure the one in the camera was fully charged. When I got to Georgia I quickly remembered where I put the battery. In the charger, in the wall, at home. It’s still there.

Clearly I’m hoping this isn’t some kind of metaphor about our faith on this trip.

What it does make me think about is the faith journey we are on and the need to keep our faith charged up. More than that, we need to remember the battery which drives our faith, the Holy Spirit.

Too often we take steps of faith outside the empowering of the Spirit. When we do we begin to lose power and our faith begins to wane. Challenges arise and we lose faith, feel defeated, and start to doubt. What began as an exciting journey of faith becomes a dessert wandering.

Remember to keep your faith battery charged. Always invite the Holy Spirit into the walk of faith. It was Jesus who said, “you will receive power” from the Holy Spirit.

That’s what this picture is about

Sitting on the patio this morning, this view of the golf course, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, empowered my faith in what we are doing as we consider our next moves. It was a time of reflection, prayer, and seeking the Lord’s direction. In short, a powerful morning gaining strength for the day ahead.

I would love to read your thoughts on this in the comments. Let everyone know how faith has empowered you and what you do to keep your faith strong. And, don’t forget your batteries.

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