On the move to Georgia. No turning back now.

Georgia barn

This is my first post in a while, and with good reason. For about the past two months I have literally had Georgia on my mind. Not much else, just our move to Georgia.

Getting ready for our big move has taken me away from most of my leisure time activity. Things like photography and blogging have been put in the background giving way to packing and other moving related activities.

Most of the packing is finished. We’re just waiting for the truck to show up cleaning up a few things, and getting rid of junk. After two purges in five years it is amazing how much stuff we still have. The bigger question is why.

There are a few details to wrap up, but good planning on Marcie’s part (I’m not the planner) and focusing on a prioritized set of tasks has helped us get to a point where we can relax a bit.

One of the ways I relax is writing. So….

On the move to Georgia – A Travel-log

In this post I want to announce what is coming up over the next couple weeks. The next week anyway.

The plan is, and we all know how plans can be, to take a few minutes each evening on our cross-country to drive to write a short post with pictures from our travels.

Not at all certain how this will work out. There isn’t really much more to this plan. The main goal is to get to Georgia. So, who knows.

I don’t want to put big expectations out there. No promises that I can’t deliver.

Actions you can take

Look for posts about our travels on the blog.

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’ll post when I can, but there’s over 2,000 miles to be driven. Don’t post/text and drive. Just don’t, and I won’t either.

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