Low percentage goal

The travel-log was a low percentage goal.

You make big plans. Let’s do a travel-log and post it to the blog while we drive across the country between eight and ten hours every day. We can take some pictures and post them while relaxing at the hotel each evening. People will love it, and hotel wifi always works great.

Who was I kidding? Big plans are not always good plans. There was no way I was going to write after driving all day. No way I was going to stop along the way and spend time making images. It would have been great and I would have loved visually documenting our trip across America, but I had no interest in extending our time between stops. Our goal was to get to Georgia. A travel documentary was not going to help me reach that goal. I knew this, but I said I would do it anyway.

The travel-log never became a reality. From the beginning it had a low percentage of success. It was a low percentage goal.

A high percentage goal would be something like this. When we finish our trip and get settled into our new house, I will get back to work and begin photographing and posting again.

Goals should have a high percentage of success.

Facemasking in football

It’s football season and I’ve been watching a lot of football, and taking some pictures at my great-nephew’s games. That’s him getting his face masked grabbed. It was missed by the referee, but not by me. Unfortunately, they don’t have replay in high school football, and I’m not sure this qualifies for review anyway. There is something else I have noticed about football, and so have you. Reaching the end zone is not the goal of every play.

The rules of the game actually encourage smaller goals. Goals of ten yards at a time over a hundred yard field. If you can make it just ten yards in four tries you get to have another four tries. Repeat this lesser, high percentage goal and the greater, low percentage goal will eventually be reached.

Why? Because going the length of the field on a single play to get into the end zone doesn’t usually happen. There are times when it does, but even then the goal is usually to get the next first down. Moving the ball ten yards every four plays has a much higher percentage of success.


Now that we’re settled in Georgia, for the most part anyway, I can take the the next step in reaching my goals. There are still a lot of images to go through before I post them for you, and my goal is to get them done by the end of this month. In the meantime, another high percentage goal is to post something at least weekly. Sign up to be notified.

Next Steps

What about you? Do you have a goal you’re trying to reach but it seems to far away? Try smaller pieces.

Hope you found this helpful. I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send me an email. You can also get notified of future post by subscribing to my newsletter. Thanks.

See more of the pictures from the football game here.