Starting off 2018

Starting 2018

Right up front I want to let you know that this is about my start in 2018, not about how to get a good start for the new year. Here we are seven days into the new year and I haven’t posted anything. One resolution destroyed already.

There are good reasons for waiting a few days though.

  • New Years Day
  • Bowl games
  • Christmas decorations coming down
  • People going back to work
  • Family going back home
  • End of holiday exhaustion

Particularly that last one.

I decided from the beginning that I was going to keep this post light and just show off the three pictures I managed to get processed recently. There are a whole bunch more coming as I get back to work in my studio.

Red star on white tree

Red star ornament

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There is something about Christmas ornaments hanging on a brightly lighted tree. We bought a 9-foot tall white tree this year and stuck it in our front window so it could be seen from the street. All that light, white tree and white lights, creates some pretty amazing lighting for pictures of the ornaments. Most of the ornaments were red. A little gold was thrown in. More will be posted soon.

It’s starting to snow

Snowing in the backyard

It began as a mix of rain and snow that wasn’t really doing much. By morning we had a couple inches that stuck around for most of the day. Like a little kid I got a little excited and had to go get some pictures out the back. There are at least three reason for this:

  • I didn’t believe we would have this winter wonderland the next morning.
  • I thought some before shots would be in order in case it did last until morning.
  • I am constantly on the lookout for any excuse to practice photography.

Most likely that last one.

Snowing on the deck

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There are a bunch more images of the snow that I haven’t processed yet. They should be ready to post in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these.

If you did, and would like to send some encouragement my way, scroll down and write something in the comment section. If you didn’t, let me encourage you to comment anyway. You can also comment with how you are starting 2018.

Thanks for reading and taking a look at the galleries.

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