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3-step formula for using your talents for ministry

Lincoln Presbyterian Church

We all have so much we can give to God. First though, we must give Him our life. Once you do that a whole new world of opportunity can open up. It is just a matter of how much of what He has given to us in the way of time, talent, and goods we are willing to give back to Him.

Ever since I first invited Jesus into my life there has been a yearning to serve in some sort of ministry. Early on I went to school at a Christian college because I wanted to go into vocational ministry. Life took on the normal twist and turns and I didn’t finish college, and never went into vocational ministry. That’s okay. I am discovering that it was all part of God’s plan for my molding into what He planned for me.

Everyone seems enamored with formulas these days, so here is a 3-step formula for using your talents for ministry.

Develop your talents

A few weeks ago I became the Website person for my church, Lincoln Presbyterian. This comes after retiring from working in Website development. Before that, I taught myself the basics of coding. At the time I wasn’t waking up every day thinking how great it was that I was being prepared for future ministry. It was just a job.

Photography is the another area I am blessed to be able to use for ministry. It fits well with the Website work, and enables me to create for others.

Moses spent forty years in obscurity on the back side of the desert as God prepared him to release Israel from bondage. You may not have as grand a responsibility as Moses, but that’s not the point. God was molding Moses, developing his character and talents. It is particularly interesting that Moses had already developed into a leader as a member of Pharaoh’s court, but He was placed in obscurity until God was ready to use him to deliver Israel from bondage.

Give your talents to God

Using the gifts God gave me was something I always wanted to do. Developing those talents by working in a cube coding pages, and practicing photography was His way of preparing me for the next step; giving those talents to Him to use as He willed. This didn’t mean they couldn’t be used for business or as a creative outlet. It simply meant that the talents He was developing were available when he called.

So I prayed and asked Him to reveal to me how I could give back to Him and use the talents. It doesn’t normally happen overnight. It could, it just isn’t the norm, and in my case it was over many years. Be patient. When you are ready He will provide opportunities, and often in ways you don’t expect.

Use your talents for His glory

Whatever talents, abilities, and gifts God has given to you, give back to him. How you do that is completely up to you, but keep in mind that whatever we say, whatever we do, it is to be done for His glory with thanksgiving (Colossians 3:17).

These are three things I came up with for using your talents for ministry. If you have others to suggest, put them in the comments.

Lincoln Presbyterian Church

About the Image

This is the front view of Lincoln Presbyterian Church in Stockton, California. The Lord has blessed me with a ministry of doing their Website and photography. It is great to be part of a church where I can use my gifts to bless others and grow the Kingdom. Check out the Website and come visit if you are in the area.

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