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Walking on the Beach in Del Mar

Walking on the Beach in Del Mar

We were vacationing in Del Mar, California last month, enjoying walks on the beach everyday and a few travels around San Diego. We spent one day in Pasadena to see the latest show our son was working on. Even though there were a few other things we did, this year our vacation was really about relaxing on the beach.

Dog Beach Del Mar, CA

It was a great week for a beach vacation. Quiet and relaxed with great weather the way a beach vacation should be.  We walked along the beach everyday to this point in the picture above. It’s a little over a mile. The reward at the end is a beautiful view of the cliffs at Solana Beach, and maybe a dog or two hoping you will throw a ball.

Dog Beach Del Mar

Dog Beach

This section of the beach ends at “Dog Beach,” where we usually take a break before heading back to the condo. The high tide yielded no path around the rocks to take in the view of the fairgrounds and race track. This is where the spot where “the turf meets the surf” in Del Mar.

Dog in the surf with ball

Some dogs are all in when it come to playing in the surf. They will happily retrieve balls from the waves, shake, and repeat. Others will give you that, “Are you crazy, I’m not going in there for a stupid ball,” look as they lift their leg on the kelp piles. Still others will just lay on the sand as if to say, “I don’t do that.”

Yorkie on the beach

Beach Wildlife

Then there is the wildlife on the beach. On this trip I was using a new lens and it performed very well. It allowed me to get close in to these pelicans flying overhead.

Two Pelicans

I was able to keep my distance and not frighten a pair of Whimbrels as they searched for a meal buried in the sand.

Whimbrel at Del Mar Beach

Even close up the lens, a Tamron 18-400mm zoom, performed well as I got a hand held shot of this sea snail being hand held.

Sea Snail


No beach wildlife section would be complete if it without at least one picture of the very abundant California Surfer in their natural habitat. Though this shot wasn’t made at Del Mar I had to include it. Swami’s Beach in Encinitas is one of southern California’s best surf spots, from what I’m told. The surf wasn’t spectacular on this day, and there were not a lot of surfers, but I did manage to get a few frames.

Girl surfing

The Sunsets

A Del Mar, California vacation would not be complete without some beautiful sunsets.

Sunset in Del Mar

Sunset in Del Mar

Wrapping it Up

That wraps up our Del Mar vacation. Another post is in the works with images from this trip. Look for it toward the end of the week. In the meantime, I hope you will take time to have a look at some of the other pictures from our Del Mar week. Most of the pictures in this post link to more, so click away.

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