The View from My Head

Top Picks of 2019

Continuing with making images right up to the end of the year has caused a delay in posting my top picks of 2019. I wanted to get what I have finished posted even though I still have a few to …

A dusting of snow in the tree tops.

Our Winter Wonderland 2019

Winter Wonderland in the Backyard. Two year anniversary post. It has been two years since our backyard winter wonderland. You can read the post I wrote about it here. It looks like I wasn’t finished with this photo when I …

Gray pumpkins

Keeping the Holidays in Order

Now that Halloween has been left in the past for another year, and the country is back on standard time, we should be careful to keep our holidays in order. With all the marketing strategies geared toward parting you and …

Skeleton with Panama hat and glasses wearing a shirt and vest.

My Halloween Post

With Halloween this week, you might expect a post with pictures of ghouls, ghost, and goblins. This isn’t it, but some might think it close. Had I been thinking about this post then, I might have taken more pictures of …

Prayer, hands folded on open Bible

Prayers for the President

It seems like there have been a lot of calls for prayers for the President since the Trump administration took office in 2017. More than I have heard during any previous administration. Certainly more than I heard during the entire …

A Big Sign

Last fall I grabbed my camera and a tripod and went to see what I could find to shoot. My first stop was at Starr’s Mill. It’s an old historic mill at the intersection of two main highways not far …

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