Randy Bayne

Images are waiting, carry a camera.

Images are waiting, carry a camera.

Chrysler Imperial

It was approaching late afternoon, hovering on the edge of the golden hour. That time of day photographers revel in when the harsh light of the afternoon sun begins to warm and cast its golden glow over everything. Someone had parked a Chrysler Imperial at the end of the street, the light was hitting at what seemed the perfect angle. It was the kind of shot I hoped to capture on my dog walks.

Chrysler Imperial 1959

This is why I carry a camera with me. The shots. They are out there, and a photographer has to be ready lest these fleeting moments are lost forever.

Empresso Coffeehouse

Down the street from where I shot the car is this great coffee shop. At least there was until about a week ago (but that’s a whole other story). They were always a great place for making impromptu images. The kind of images you get by being aware of the details surrounding you. Fortunately, they have another location in town, but it’s a newer building with none of the old charm of the Empire Theater building.

Clean coffee cups

It was great spot for me and Roxie, my dog, to stop. They made a great cappuccino, and Roxie liked when I let her have a bit of my bagel.


Having my camera on that last visit allowed me to preserve these simple memories of a simple pleasure.

So when you see me out walking with my camera, my dog in tow, you will know why. It really isn’t so odd, it is my passion to capture images. Countless great images are waiting to be captured. They won’t be unless you are ready. That’s why I carry a camera, and why you should too.

What about you? Do you have a camera with you most of the time? All of the time? Is their value in capturing images of daily life? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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