Crossing Bridges into the New Year

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Day seven of the new year. It’s off to a slow start. You can tell because it has taken me until seven days in to write a post. Happy New Year.

The holidays were busy, and it isn’t any less busy as 2020 gets started. By busy I mean the Christmas load-out. Normally, the Christmas decorations take-down is completed on New Years Day. We were having so much fun this year that we didn’t start until yesterday, six days in, and we are still at it on this, the seventh day. Since the seventh day is a day of rest it remains to be seen how much actually gets done today.

Resolutions are not my thing

I don’t make resolutions. At least I don’t call them that. Setting goals sounds and feels better to me. Setting goals gives me steps to take throughout the year on my way to crossing bridges into the next.

The SEO folks should be pleased with the cleaver way I worked my keyword in right there.

The first goal, which I plan to accomplish this week, is to get my favorite photos of 2019 posted to my photography site. These won’t necessarily be the best shots. They will be ones I particularly like for various reasons. Some, made late in the year, have not been processed yet and may be added later.

The other goals are super secret, and I won’t be sharing them here. Not yet anyway.

Crossing Bridges

There are bridges to cross and doors to open as we enter this new year. Sometimes, I wonder if perhaps we miss some along the way because of distractions with things that don’t matter.

That is the real reason for my own self evaluation. I want to make sure the direction I’m going, and the things I am doing, are things that matter. Not to me as much as to my place in eternity and to the people I know, the one’s I meet, and those who read this blog.

You may feel the same way. Ultimately, we all want to matter.

Crossing Bridges

We’re all going to cross some bridges this year. The past will bridge to the present, and the present will bridge to the future.

Keep crossing. Don’t get stuck on a bridge.


I’m going to stop now, get this posted, and get on with picking and posting my favorite images from last year. Want to see my favorites from 2018? They are right here.

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Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

The images on this page are of Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge in Meriweather County, Georgia. You can read more about the bridge here. The images were made in November 2019. See more in my Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge gallery.

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