Randy Bayne

Deer in the Backyard – Photo of the Day

A deer paused to look in my direction as I stood hidden behind the dark screen on the porch. I slowly braced my lens against the open doorway being careful to not expose myself too much and risk the deer running away.

The late afternoon light was fading fading fast and I knew I would need to get a quick shot first. Then, if the deer stuck around I could spend more time setting up more shots.

I took it as a good sign that she didn’t bolt at the first sign of movement from the house. I decided to let the camera do the work on this one. Set the camera to manual with the ISO in auto mode. Try a slow shutter speed around 1/125 sec with a mid range aperture at f/7.1. That should be sufficient. I can adjust if I get a second chance, but this should give me a decent shot.

It was after the shot image was made that I discovered the camera had selected ISO 5000. It would have to do, no matter how noisy.

Never did get a second chance to make adjustments to the ISO or anything else. Once the shutter clicked the deer slowly walked away. She didn’t seemed particularly frightened. She had given me an image and there was no more reason to stay.

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