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Eastern Swallowtail: Photo of the Day

Eastern Swallowtail: Photo of the Day

Eastern Swallowtail on a Buttonbush

We took a walk by the lake today. Marcie wanted to take a look at some work the POA had done, and the lake trail seemed like a good place to walk the dog. Since I wasn’t planning on photographing anything my “real camera” got left at home.

Make no mistake, phone cameras are excellent options these days, and getting better with each new release. I have no qualms about using mine when the conditions are right, and the conditions were right. There are times I even prefer my iPhone to my “real camera,” which is a Canon DSLR.

To get this shot, I moved in close and kept the light source, in this case the sun, to the left. The camera was opened in the Adobe Lightroom (LR) App, which is my default. I use LR for post-processing.

A few minor adjustments to exposure and tones, and a bump in color and clarity, and the image was done. There is some cropping, mostly due to the very wide angle of the iPhone lens which would not allow me to get this close without frightening the swallowtail.

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