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Faith is Greater than Fear – A Follow-up

Faith is Greater than Fear – A Follow-up

Dog Beach Del MarThis is a follow-up to a short article I wrote linking to one my pastor wrote for his blog.

Vacation Extension

After getting home from San Diego I would have time to spend writing, processing pictures, telling stories, and posting to my Website. Oh, and finish reading the book I started before the trip. Sheltering-in would be like a vacation extension.

So I thought.

I was about to have a very practical lesson in faith being greater than fear.

A late night arrival on a less than half-full plane helped me to make the decision to wait until after the weekend before I started my semi-aggressive schedule. I slept in and decided to write the weekend off. By the time Monday rolled around so had the fatigue. Maybe one more day to rest.

Tuesday was worse. As the symptoms mounted I had to give in to the reality that I may have contracted COVID-19.

Faith > Fear

At this point, it would be easy to give in to panic and  fear. Fear, generated by not knowing. That awful feeling of “what if” that comes with lack of knowledge. Fear is powered by not knowing, a lack of faith.

Except for what I had read over the last few days I didn’t know what to expect. So I decided to focus on what I did know. This may have been my first experience with COVID-19, but it certainly wasn’t my first faith test.

James tells me to consider it all joy when encountering various trials. COVID-19 qualifies as a trial, a tribulation, if you will. Face trials with joy, not fear.


“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result.”

So what has this got to do with faith being greater than fear? Everything. At it’s core faith is knowledge. It is the certainty of the the things we cannot see. Things like God, the Creator of everything and His sovereignty over all things, even viruses.

The Strength of Faith

Yesterday I was tested. It will be a week before the results come back, but I already know. The symptoms have mostly subsided, and only 10 days behind the schedule in my head, I am feeling well enough to sit at my desk and write.

I didn’t resign myself to the fear. Rather, faith reminded me that trials come to grow us, to teach us, to bring us to a “perfect result,” pre-ordained by God.

Faith not only defeats fear, it also produces endurance. Believe me, getting though all the symptoms of COVID-19 requires endurance, emotional, physical and spiritual, and if I didn’t constantly look in faith to the Holy Spirit as I was seemingly coughing up my lungs, I could easily have given up. That would have been wrong, because God has something on the other side of this trial for me, and the trial is required to purge the dross that I may be “complete, lacking in nothing” needed to move forward in His direction.

I knew I would come through this, because God is not done with me.

By far the biggest blessing to come out of this so far is that Marcie is showing no signs whatsoever of having contracted the virus. We live in a big house where two people can easily lose each other, and it is rather easy to keep separated. Not fun, but easy. We are trusting the Lord to keep her healthy, while understanding the reality of the situation.

We choose faith over fear.

Scriptures used in this post:
James 1 (NASB).
Hebrews 1 (NASB).

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  1. God made us and the world we live in. The world is surrounded by who knows what and we know we can’t survive it alone. God holds everything together for our good, and He didn’t and doesn’t have to. He loves us. Period. Therefore (one of His favorite words) we will be OK because of faith in Him through Jesus Christ.

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