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Favorite Images of 2018: A Look Back

Dog Beach Del Mar, CA

The end of each year, or the beginning, is a good time to look back at the year that was. It is a time to think about what went well, where improvement can be made, and consider what impact you want to make in the year ahead.

During 2018 we traveled to South Carolina, California, Arizona, and Washington, and there were also some excursions around Georgia. One of the South Carolina visits included my parents who were visiting from Arizona.

In 2019 I plan to be making more images from drives along the backroads. There is so much to see close to home and I don’t want to miss the adventure. Trips to California and South Carolina have already been scheduled and there may be one or two more added.

Scroll down, have a look, and enjoy this look back at 2018 through my lens. Ten images were selected for this post as a teaser. I picked a total of 27 images as favorites and put them in the Favorite Images of 2018 Gallery. There were more that could have been included. In fact, I am still working on images from last year.

In case you’re wondering, I cataloged 1,358 images in 2018. My thinking was 24, two per month, would be a good number for my faves. I got to 27.

I would like to know what you think. Tell me about your favorites by leaving a comment or emailing me.

Now, to the images…

Favorite Images of 2018

Red Oak Creek Bridge

I will start off with Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge in Woodbury, Georgia. At 391 feet, including the approaches, this structure is the oldest and longest covered bridge in the state. It was featured in the movie Lawless. The scene can be found on YouTube, and I caution you that it is graphic. Read more at the Georgia Historical Society.

Reflections on the past

Bayne Family Plot, Macon, GA.

When my parents visited last spring, we went to Macon to spend some reflective time at the Bayne Family plot at Riverside Cemetery. I caught what I think is a great shot of my dad looking over the markers. The markers he is looking at are those of Samuel Ernest Bayne, Jr. and Randle Adolphus Bayne, the first two children of my great-grandparents, Samuel Ernest Bayne and Eva Sydney Randle. The sons died from scarlet fever within a month of one another in 1901. Samuel was 2 years old and Randle was 10 months old.

The other markers include my grandparents and great-grandparents. The most recent marker, next to my dad’s left foot, is that of David Poythress, my dad’s cousin, who died in January 2017. He was a Georgia politician who ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 1998 and again in 2010 after serving as Labor Commissioner and Secretary of State.

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Tybee Island Lighthouse

I like lighthouses, and it stands to reason that one would appear in a review of my favorite images. In April we went to Savannah for a kids soccer tournament. We scheduled in some sightseeing time and made it out to Tybee Island where I was able to get some stormy shots of the lighthouse on this stormy weekend.

Tybee Island Lighthouse is the oldest (1736) and tallest (145 feet) lighthouse in Georgia. It has three Light Keeper’s Cottages nearby. Links to information and more lighthouse images are in the Lighthouses Gallery.


Bluebird fledglings

Last spring a pair of Eastern Bluebirds took up residence in the nesting box in our backyard. They had at least two clutches of young and stayed around through spring and most of the summer. Probably had nothing to do with the ample supply of meal worms on hand.

This pair is from the first brood. Look at that expression. This fledgling seems to be telling the world, “Don’t mess with me. I will take you down.”

Whimbrel at Del Mar Beach

In June we took our annual trip to Del Mar, CA. to spend a week on the sunny California beach. Not that there is ever a bad time to visit the San Diego area, June is not the best time. It can be dreary and overcast as the “June Gloom” moves in. The upside is that it makes for great light for shots like this pair of Whimbrels on the beach between Del Mar and Torrey Pines. I enjoy taking this photo-walk at least once while we are there, no matter what time of year.

Back closer to home on Kennesaw Mountain I caught this White Tailed Deer. It was an overcast and rainy day, and the light was soft and even making for good color saturation. What really makes the shot is the deer looking straight at me. When it comes to wildlife it is all about the eyes.

Georgia Backroads

Starr's Mill, Georgia

While Starr’s Mill isn’t really on one of Georgia’s backroads, I am including it under that heading here. It sits conveniently at the intersection of two popular highways making it an easy to visit popular landmark. The scenic setting makes it a great place to stop and enjoy lunch in the park and a few photos. I have more Starr’s Mill pictures here, and you can read more here.


In September I took a drive out on a back road I had taken earlier on my way to someplace else. I’m still working on some of the images from this drive. Some are posted here, and more will be added, so come back and have a look. This old barn sits at the intersection of two rural roads. I like it for its character and rustic look. A bit of desaturation was applied to give it a more natural look.

Friends and Not-So-Much

Two sisters and a friend

Closing out my Favorite Images of 2018 I want to prove that I do in fact take pictures of people. Above are the two daughters of a neighborhood friend with their friend at our annual Fall Festival. Great face-art ladies.

Below is another attendee of the Fall Festival. I love the look. It isn’t always easy to capture a great look in a candid shot. She doesn’t seem at all happy about the picture taking, but it was toward the end of a long day and maybe she’s just tired.

Girl in Soft Glow

There you go. My Favorite Images of 2018, more or less. Remember, you can view all 27 favorites at Top Picks 2018. If you have any questions, remarks, or want to tell me what your own favorites are post a comment or email me. One of the best ways to keep up with what is going on at Randy Bayne Photography is to sign up for my free newsletter. It’s easy. Just enter your name and email in the box below. Thanks in advance.

Seriously, I really do like to hear from you. So go ahead and drop me a note. Every email or comment gets a reply. The legitimate ones do anyway.

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