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4 Benefits of feeling nostalgic


A post on Facebook has me feeling nostalgic today. It has nothing to do with the picture above, but it was handy. The picture is in side an antique store in Sutter Creek, California, which is hundreds of miles away from the place I am remembering today. I am feeling nostalgic for a place that no longer exist, and yet does. I don’t know a lot of the history since last visiting Wynola Bible Conference. Only that is was purchased by Calvary Chapel in Julian, CA a couple years ago. Wynola was a significant stop on my journey of faith and a place where much of the frame of my Christian faith was built in the mid-1970’s.

The way the Lord works in our lives has always fascinated me. I made this image a couple weeks ago and was thinking about how I could use it to write a blog post, or if I even wanted to. Then I saw the Facebook post as I was sitting down to start writing a post. Except for the nostalgic feel, the picture doesn’t seem to fit at all with memories of Wynola. For that I would have to dig through my old pictures and slides to find something I made way back then. Back when I first started photography, and when I first began building my life of faith.

I guess the point of all this is that feeling nostalgic has benefits.

Feeling Nostalgic

It reminds us of our foundation.

Reflecting back I am reminded of the sound teachings I received at camp. A solid frame that has strengthened over time was being erected on the firm foundation of Christ. My young faith, and that of so many others, was being nurtured through the ministries of Grace Trinity Church and Wynola Bible Conference. Nostalgic reflection reminds us of the foundation on which we built our faith.

It reminds us of a building faith.

As faith is built on a strong foundation it grows. Simple faith soon becomes a calling and a desire to share the experience of faith with others. The lessons I learned at Wynola, and the experiences I had, became the springboard which propelled me to reach out and to speak into the lives of others and have the opportunity to build into their faith.

It shows us how far our faith has grown.

Obviously, when we look back we see how far we have come. But don’t look to long. Dwelling in the past will hinder growth in the future. Always move forward, remembering the past and learning from both the victories and the failures. As Paul taught us, “press on.” (Philippians 3:14)

It reminds us of those who built into our faith

More than the place, nostalgia is about the people who enter our lives. Some for a brief time, others for longer, and a few for many years. The lives we have opportunity to impact is enormous when we think about it. For me, it was certainly well into the multiple hundreds. Some I still have contact with. It really all comes down to the people in our lives. The Spirit brings them to mind encouraging us to continue building into their lives, in prayer if not in deed.

So I guess that this bit of reflection worked out. Sometimes a writer just needs to sit down and write. Let the words flow. Thanks for reading along. I hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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