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Foggy Morning

Tree in the fog on a foggy morning

Foggy Morning

This image, “Foggy Morning,” has been viewed more than a thousand times and has been used by English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers to teach the concept of fog. I moved it over from my old blog which no longer exist.

Tree in the fog on a foggy morning

Soft light on foggy mornings like this one can make for some beautiful images. Before leaving the hills, I used to drive past this tree twice each day. On my way in to work and again on my way home. Most of the time it blended into the scenery and was hardly noticed. On this day the softness and mystery created by the fog made it stand out.

Not every image needs bright light and contrast. Soften things up a bit.

I no longer work or live in North Central California where this image was made, but I wanted to bring it to the top of my blog. It has been buried at the bottom for awhile, and I felt like it needed to be given a more prominent spot in the blog.

Review and revive older post

It takes a lot of time to write a new post, and it really is okay to revive older ones. Though a post may have been viewed thousands of times, there is always a new audience for your old posts.

You might also discover that there is new information, fresh perspective, or a complete re-thinking of what you once thought was a gem. Your archives may be old, but you want them to reflect your current thinking and beliefs.

Even if changes aren’t needed, as noted above, you may just want to push an old favorite post back up to the top of your blog. There are new eyes out there and an old post may be what gets new traffic flowing.

Some things you can/should do

  • Change old post up a bit.
  • Re-write and update old post.
  • Review and update links and images.
  • Review and update SEO.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Not even close, so help me out an leave your ideas for old post in the comments.

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