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Getting back to making images

Making images never really stopped. The pandemic just slowed me down a little, and other priorities have limited time spent on processing photos. There is a huge backlog waiting to be processed, and at the same time I am making more new images.

Spring may be the reason

It was a slow start this year. Though photography is a year round activity, Spring is the season when my camera seems to get the biggest workout. Color is returning to nature, and birds are home and starting new families, so I am making an effort to get back to making more images, processing more regularly, and writing more often.

This post is for the birds

A pair of Eastern Bluebirds has returned to the backyard to raise the next generation. They tolerate our presence, though I have yet to put meal worms out for them as I have in past years. They wait near the empty bird feeders hoping I will bring them their preferred delicacy.

Bluebirds will spend the entire summer and into fall in our yard defending their nesting box and raising young. I expect there will be a second brood, and quite likely a third, before they move on. Last year they hung around into early December.

This Nashville Warbler was captured at SummerGrove Lake. I don’t remember seeing one before, and I don’t think they are a year round resident. It may be a Pine Warbler, but I’m sticking with my original identification now.

The more common Yellow-Rumped Warbler also visits in the spring. This image was captured in the same tree as the Nashville Warbler around the same time.

More to come

That’s it for now, but there is more to come. Like I said, there is a huge backlog of images to process. I will be posting images, the one’s worthy of sharing, right here in my portfolio. Come on by and have a look.

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