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Grounded and Working Faith Defeats COVID-19

Grounded and Working Faith Defeats COVID-19

ConeflowerThe test results came back. Negative for COVID-19.

Not what I was expecting.

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely thankful. Relieved too. It is a little surprising though. Having had all the symptoms, and spending a few days discovering new ways to eject my lungs, I was certain a test would show I had contracted the virus.

I’m convinced I did have it, but by the time they stuck a swab up my left nostril to the back of my skull, the virus had left the body. Either that or it was a “false negative.” False negative results are apparently not uncommon. They sample one side and get no virus because the virus is on the other side.

But I will take it. I am in full recovery and am now negative for COVID-19. Good news.

Faith over Fear

We keep hearing about having faith over fear when it comes to overcoming our current trials. Having faith is crucial to recovery. Not blind faith, and certainly not an inactive faith.

  • Our faith must be grounded in something or someone greater than ourselves.
  • Our faith must be a working faith.

It was my faith in Jesus and the knowledge (faith) that He isn’t finished with me yet which kept my hope alive through a very tough illness.

Grounded and Working Faith

My faith, the faith which gave me the confidence to know I would not be defeated by this virus, is anchored in the person of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to deliver me from the guilt of sin, and to give me the the freedom to live an abundant life. He still has work for me to do. All I needed to do was believe and place my trust, my faith, in Him.

Faith in Jesus is not a blind faith. It is a faith anchored in the reality of His life, death, and resurrection. This faith allows me to look and see beyond my present troubles to His promises of an abundant life.

Faith must also work.

I could have simply declared my faith that I would overcome the illness I suffered. It would have been enough. It would be faith, but it would be a kind of faith that lacked evidence of of its reality. Faith without action is a hollow faith that can’t be seen. It is real, but there is no substance.

Rather than rely on this work-less faith, I chose to do what I needed to get through the sickness. The work that revealed my faith was to drink plenty of fluids, rest, isolate myself, and take proper medications. The works are evidence of faith, though they are not faith itself.

Concluding Thoughts

  • Faith is greater than fear.
  • Real faith is anchored in someone greater than ourselves.
  • The evidence of our faith is what we do with it.

Here are Bible verses I pulled my thoughts from:

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