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My Halloween Post

Skeleton with Panama hat and glasses wearing a shirt and vest.

Skeleton with Panama hat and glasses wearing a shirt and vest.

With Halloween this week, you might expect a post with pictures of ghouls, ghost, and goblins. This isn’t it, but some might think it close. Had I been thinking about this post then, I might have taken more pictures of the creative “scarecrows” on display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during their “Scarecrows in the Garden” event. But I wasn’t thinking about my Halloween post at the time. Planning ahead isn’t one of my strengths. I should work on that.

There are still a few days left to make it to the Botanical Gardens and see the scarecrows. They will be there through November 3.

Pumkinhead and the Band


The other thing I missed is the stories behind these creations. Focusing on enjoying the art visually sometimes means missing the details about what went into their creation. In my defense, there were a lot of people there, and pushing them out of the way seemed a little rude.

With some pictures, like this one, it’s probably pretty easy to come up with stories on your own. A brood of pumpkin decay hiding, not very successfully, under the vines making up…. what, a see-through dress? This looks like a scene from either a slightly scary, or very funny Halloween movie.

Whether or not the creator reveals a story, all pictures have them. You just have to look.

Know what it doesn’t look like? Something I can write about in a Halloween post.

Heck. Last year I didn’t even write a Halloween post. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember every writing one. Halloween isn’t really a thing for me, except for the pictures I can get out of it. The closest thing I have gotten to writing about Halloween is this one from last November about last October.

Carrot Top

This one I call Carrot Top because I have no idea what the real name is, and orange hair. Again, I didn’t take time to research anything about it. Orange Hair Guy didn’t flow right.

Even if you don’t reveal a story, it is always a good idea to know why you are making a photo. It is even better if you can remember why after you make it, process it, post it, and tell the world about it.

  1. Pumpkinhead above I made because I like the way it looked and the multiple stories one could create from it.
  2. The skeleton at the top because it conveys the story of living through the end and never stopping.

But, for the life of me, I don’t know why Carrot Top caught my attention. It must have been something, but apparently it wasn’t compelling enough for me to even remember.

Two Visions of Death

Side by side images of death

These last two images depict two visions of death. On the left is the death of a mermaid. Like so much of what we see in the sea she is beautiful and intriguing in life, but death in the sea has destroyed the beauty and silenced her song.

On the right death poses as something beautiful and somewhat inviting. Not something to be feared. It is colorful, but so too is the mermaid laying dead on the rocks. Don’t let death’s beauty draw you too close. The fate of the mermaid awaits.

Happy Halloween

Here’s to a Happy Halloween and celebration of all things deathy. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me. Time is valuable, and I am honored that you chose to spend a little of it with me.

Next time we will get back to photo tips, advice, and suggestions. I hope you enjoyed this post and am looking forward to you coming back for more. There are several ways you can respond to this post, and I would love to hear from you.

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Thanks again.

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