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Harbour Town Lighthouse

Harbour Town Lighthouse

Harbour Town Lighthouse

Work has begun on processing the images of Harbour Town Lighthouse and our visit to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The first few are finished. Only the first two really. Close to 300 frames survived the initial cut. A few of them shot in burst mode, and a few were bracketed. If you are not familiar with bracketing or burst stay tuned. I plan on addressing bracketing and burst in a future post.

The weather on our trip was less than ideal. The day we arrive a major thunderstorm rolled through and dumped a bunch of rain. We managed to stay relatively dry walking to dinner under the one umbrella we had not removed from the car. The camera stayed completely dry. It chose to stay in the room. In spite of the weather, we did have a nice dinner and the rain had calmed down by the time we walked back to the resort.

The following morning I wandered down to the lighthouse a little later than planned. The plan was to get an early start and catch the with the lighthouse in the foreground. Almost made it. The sun was low enough to give some nice warm light and cast some good shadows. I particularly like the well defined line between bright light and dark shadow in this image.

Normally, Harbour Town Lighthouse has alternating red and white stripes. Designer Charles Fraser chose a candy strip design because he wanted it to be “fun and memorable.” The red stripes were replaced with the tartan of the RBC Heritage Classic for the 50th anniversary of both the lighthouse itself and the golf tournament for which the lighthouse has become an icon.

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Here are a couple places you can find out more about Harbour Town Lighthouse.

Over the next several days I will be working on more pictures from Hilton Head and getting them posted to my South Carolina gallery.

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