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A Day at Hydrangea Farm Market

A new shop, new to me anyway, opened in Haralson, Georgia recently. It is called Hydrangea Farm Market. They had their soft opening in September, but Marcie only recently found their page on Facebook. Haralson is only a 30 minute drive from home, so we had to go check it out.

It is a farmhouse style shop, the kind that Marcie likes, and because it’s in Haralson I knew I could escape from shopping and get a few shots of the old buildings. What I failed to do is get shots of the outside of the shop, except for a bicycle leaning up against a pole. Guess I will just have to go back.

Old red bicycle in front of Hydrangea Farm Market in Haralson, GA

Probably Haralson’s biggest claim to fame is being one of the locations where The Walking Dead is filmed. On this page, the fourth and seventh pictures are Hydrangea Farm Market.

Some of the movie, Lawless, was also filmed in and around Haralson. The building in the background of this scene from the movie is Hydrangea.

The Market

Hydrangea Farm Market is housed on the first floor of what used to be the Haralson City Hall and Thompson’s Mercantile. The current city hall is across the street in a small nondescript single story building. I should have thought to get a shot of it too. The town itself is much smaller than it was when the silos were running and trains made regular stops.

Thompson’s Mercantile building, Haralson, GA.
Photo credit: Newnan Times-Herald in this article.

The proprietor of the shop, Jason, invited me upstairs to an unused area of the building where the city council used to meet, after Marcie let on that I am a photographer and liked architectural photography. He is proud of his town and its history and wanted me to see, and photograph, this old gem.

It’s one thing to photograph the outside of old and historic buildings, but the real stories are on the inside. I could tell Jason loves this old building as he told me about some of the towns history and meetings in the old hall.

It’s one thing to photograph the outside of old and historic buildings, but the real stories are on the inside.

A Trip to the Past

Visit Hydrangea’s Facebook page to see pictures of the shop interior. On my next trip I will see if I can get some of my own, but for now these will have to suffice.

Below are the photos I took on our visit. I plan on going again to get some more if I can. All these images, and more, can be seen in my gallery at randybaynephotography.com, and I hope you will visit.

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