Hydrangea and Hover Fly

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Just as fall arrived our hydrangeas decided to start blooming. Through spring and summer there have been few flowers. The heat and dryness seemed to be determined to put an end to my beautiful hydrangeas. As cooler temperatures set in, and with a proper watering from above, the flowers have started to pop.

On a recent rainy morning I made the first images of the flowers blooming. The soft pastel look coupled with the darkened background helped to make the young petals stand out.

Hydrangea with rain drops.

This second image, from a slightly different angle, was made on a dryer day. I added a soft glow using Luminar 4 as a plug-in to Lightroom to define more separation between the flower from the background.

Young hydrangea flower.

Hover Fly One, you are cleared for landing

After a couple weeks it was time for more pictures. The flowers had filled out and were beginning to show all their hydrangea glory.

A hover fly entered the frame from the right as I was composing a shot. As if it had been commanded by air traffic control to hover the fly stopped short of the flower, and I snapped the shutter, though I wasn’t quite ready, just so I could get a shot before the hover fly departed.

Hover Fly, you are cleared for landing.
Hover Fly One, you are cleared for landing…

More hydrangea

Here are a couple more of the flowers opening up.

Finishing up

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