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One thing that will kill a blog faster than anything is irregular posts

Pickney Island NWR

My last blog post was more than a month ago. It wasn’t even a new post. I updated an old post and re-posted it. My apologies for the irregular posts. No excuses. I’m back, and I hope you will stick with me. Thanks.

Pickney Island NWR


The thing that will kill a blog faster than anything is irregular posts. Anyone who gives advice on blogging will tell you this. It is something I know, and the thing I ignored. So I guess this is my “do as I say, not as I do” moment. Be regular about blogging if you want to be successful as a blogger.

Post on a schedule. Whether it is daily, every other day, weekly, monthly, be regular. I wouldn’t let more than a month go by between posts, but whatever schedule you develop be regular. Stick to it.

This has been my biggest problem. Irregular posting. Really, not posting.

Just write

There are two areas that I find myself having the biggest issues with. The first is writing at all. The second is distractions. Both go hand-in-hand, and they can be killers to any project.

First, writing.

If I don’t have something to write, I don’t. While this may make sense, it doesn’t help with regular posting. What I haven’t developed is what I am doing here; just writing.

This morning, I decided I would just sit down and write a post just to have something to post. This isn’t the post I was thinking about. I just started writing, and this is where it is taking me. This is where it needed to go, what needs to be said. Perhaps this post is more for me than for you, but that just means it is from the heart.

So, I sat down, turned on my computer, and started writing.

Once I got started words began to flow. Thoughts made their way from my head to my fingertips. They are flowing onto my monitor. It’s a fun thing to watch.

One of the things that has always bogged down my writing is not letting a first draft be the first draft. A rough flow of thoughts getting out on whatever medium I’m using. When the first draft isn’t allowed to be the FIRST draft it is easy to give up. To put it another way, don’t try to make the first draft the perfect final draft.

  • It won’t happen.
  • That’s what second, third, fourth, and every other draft is for.

By the way, nothing you write will ever be perfect, and trying to make it perfect will stop you. Every. Single. Time.

So just write.


Good intentions are derailed by distractions. This is an area that I have a difficult time with. I will often sit down to do one task, like writing, and then allow distractions to derail me. It is easy to do when most of your work is done on a computer. For all the good they are, the Internet and social media can be horrible distractions. Of course, they are not the only distractions, and not all distractions are bad.

Control distractions. Keep them in check. Stay focused.

We have been mislead into believing that multitasking is a sign of an ability to get things done. Multitasking is a sign that you can’t stay focused, a form of distraction. The more things you try to work on at once, the more distracted you are from each individual task. Better to pay attention to a single task, do it well, and complete it, than to attempt to do several task while being distracted by other task.

Wrap Up

So, I’m back to regular blogging. At least once a week, and some may be very short. Not everything I could have said on this subject has been said here. Perhaps in future post. This one is long enough, and I will be going back over the fist draft before I post it.

Since I’m back to regular posting, it would be great if you would sign up for my email list. No spam, no selling or giving of addresses, just a periodic email with updates about my Website and photography. I am thinking about doing some kind of drawing for anyone who signs up and everyone who is already signed up. Details coming soon.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this post. I know you have a lot of other things you could be doing.

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