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Bluebird Teaches a Lesson on Life Outside the Box

Bluebird fledglings

When we moved into our house last August there was already a Bluebird nesting box in the backyard. As spring approached, we bought some bird feeders, some birdseed and dried meal worms, and enjoyed watching as a variety of birds visited our yard. We enjoyed visits from thrushes, finches, sparrows, woodpeckers, wrens, cardinals, blackbirds, robins, doves, and more. Since we live on a small golf course lake, there were even ducks, geese, egrets and herons visiting us.

But my favorites, at least right now, are the Bluebirds.

BluebirdsI watched as Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird brought home nesting material and moved it into their box. Just outside, a steady diet of meal worms was provided almost daily. When other bluebirds made a claim for the nesting box, a battle took place on the ground below.

Bluebird fightThe Epic Bluebird Battle involved at least four birds fighting in two pairs. Eventually, the original claimants retained possession of the nesting box. At least that’s the way I’m calling it. Who really knows.

Several weeks have passed since the Epic Bluebird Battle. The nest was completed, eggs were hatched, and now the fledglings have moved out.

Outside the Box is Freedom

The nesting box was a safe haven for the baby bluebirds. Living in it had given them an opportunity to grow their feathers, fill out their wings, and ready them to take flight. But a nesting box is no place for a bird to stay. Birds are meant to fly, to soar the skies. A bird can’t fly inside a six inch square box.

Outside the box is where freedom is. The freedom to spread wings and fly.

This holds true for humans as well.

We often talk about thinking “outside the box,” but rarely do we expand on that concept and talk about living outside the box.

To truly be free to live one must leave their carefully constructed boxes behind. We must leave the safe haven where we are blocked off from the world around us. Like those fledgling Bluebirds we must spread our wings and fly out into the world.

Bluebird fledglingsLook at the determination set in the face of this fledgling Bluebird. He is saying, “Okay world; here I am. I’m outside the box and ready to be all that the Creator made me to be.”

Inside a box is no place for us to live our lives. Thinking outside the box is not enough. Go further and live outside the box. It is what we are created for.

Abundant life is waiting. It is found only in Christ, and He can only be found if we let go our fears and live outside the boxes we have built. Boxes which block us from freedom and from truth.

Your take on living outside the box.

We would love to know what you think about living outside the box. Let us know in the comments below, or email me with your constructive thoughts.

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