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Remembering “Wally.” Memorial Day 2021.

Remembering “Wally.” Memorial Day 2021.

Preparing to write a Memorial Day post this morning, I looked back over other Memorial Day post I had written. I could find only one, and it was not written specifically for Memorial Day. It is a post about a hero by the name of Delton E. “Wally” Walling, a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and was written for Pearl Harbor Day in 2016. You can read the post here.

Delton Walling

After meeting him in 2016, Wally invited us to visit him at his home in Valley Springs, CA. That never happened, and the following year we moved across the country to Georgia. Still, every December 7 I think about Wally, and the day we met him. This morning, before writing this, I decided to look him up on the Internet just to see if there was anything new about him. He was 95 when we met, so I think I was really looking to see if he was still with us this Memorial Day. It wasn’t shocking to find his obituary in the Stockton Record.

It was also no surprise to read, “His final resting place will be the waters of Pearl Harbor.”

This Memorial Day, as we honor those who have given their lives in service to our country, let us also remember and honor those who have served without being called to give the ultimate sacrifice. All who serve and have served to protect and preserve our nation, it’s states, counties, cities, and people deserve, at the very least, our honor and respect. I salute you all.

And specifically for Wally, though it has been more than a year since your passing, thank you for your service, both during the war, at Pearl Harbor and across the Pacific, and since then so that we may never forget.

May you forever have:

Fair winds and following seas.

Delton Walling
Delton E. “Wally” Walling at a Memorial Day observance in Stockton, CA in 2016
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