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Reorganized and Ready to Move On and an Alligator

American alligator

American alligator

This is one of the images I have been working on the last couple weeks, and partially the reason I haven’t taken my own advice from my last post to write more regularly. I had very good intentions on being a more regular poster. All that did was add more asphalt to the road to hell.

Not taking my own advice I allowed myself to be distracted with processing images. When that was done, instead of writing, the need to re-organize my gallery Website was allowed to consume my time.

Just write

Just write. That’s what I said to you and to myself in my last post. So I write, even if it is to only make an announcement.

The re-organization of my gallery Website is finished (mostly). A few tweaks here and there, some details to complete, and it will be done.

I have made it easier to get around and find things. Let me know if you have issues. Let me know if you don’t have any issues too. It is really the only way I have of knowing if the site is any good or not.

It’s easy. Just comment below, or send me an email.

American Alligator

Now let me tell you about the picture I made at Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge of an American alligator.

The alligator was sunning itself on the trail as I was hiking though the refuge in the early morning, perhaps an hour after sunrise. Being aware that it was around breakfast time, the decision to make a couple images and continue on the trail was not taken lightly. I had seen a couple alligators a few minutes earlier swimming in a pond, looking like they were looking for something to eat, and had no real interest in meeting one on the trail.

The alligator pictured above wasn’t interested in me at all. It never moved. Not even a twitch. My sole interest was in getting a couple pictures. We seemed to agree that if I got no closer everyone could walk away in one piece. Using a Tamron 18-400 zoom lens meant I could maintain my distance of about 10 feet and still get a good close shot.

I saw five alligators while at the refuge. No others this close up. You can see the photos of them all, as well as more wildlife at my gallery Website.

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