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A view of Savannah Harbor

Savannah Harbor

After several months living on the west side of Georgia we finally made it over to the coast to visit one of the state’s must see cities; Savannah.

The purpose of our trip was to go watch our nephew play soccer, not to spend time making images. We arrived late in the afternoon on Friday, and there were two games on Saturday and one on Sunday, the day we were to leave. That didn’t leave a lot of time for sight-seeing, but I wasn’t going to let the lack of time prevent me from getting a few shot as we found time to explore Savannah.

That little bit of time was just enough to give us a taste to return. We estimate needing at least a week to take everything in. It may require more than one trip, but I think we can handle it.

Savannah Harbor

We had good weather on our arrival day, and after checking in at the hotel we headed to town and a walk along Factor’s Walk and River Street along the Savannah River. I failed to get a shot of the ships passing close by as they made their way in and out of Savannah Harbor. I did get a shot up the river toward the bridge over to Hutchinson Island, beyond which is South Carolina.

Savannah Harbor

Quick word on composition

Turning around as we walked down River Street I quickly set up and made this image. One thing I have learned over the years is to be constantly looking around on all sides. It is easy to miss things when you are not constantly scanning your surroundings. This composition presented itself as is when I turned and looked, and good composition is a critical component in good images. There are a lot of technically perfect images that are ruined because of poor composition.

This image is composed with the bridge as an obvious focal point. The tug and barge in the foreground gets the viewer started, the crane gives a sense of scale and depth, both leading to the bridge. The ship in the background completes the journey through the image. Together it all tells a story of a very busy sea port.

Your turn

How do you think composition and technical correctness play into making images? Use the comments below to start a conversation, or email me with your constructive thoughts.

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Technical info:
LENS Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
ISO 100

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