A few months ago my wife and I took a day trip to the north Georgia mountains. Knowing it was a bit early in the season we still hoped to see some fall color. It was a dark, overcast, rainy day and we didn’t see much color. What little fall color we did see was dull and muted and none of it interested me enough to bring the camera out in the rain.

We ended up in the town of Blue Ridge, and I got only two shots that I felt were worthy enough to keep.

This is one of them.

Woman sitting with a cat

The Story

This was made in front of Love Dogs and Cats Too Holistic Pet Shop, and was a scene that, in the view from my head, has a story. I can’t tell you what the story is, because it’s a story that each one sees for themselves, and is different for everyone.

The story I see is of tenderness, care, and love. Perhaps it is about finding a forever home for a lost kitten or rescued cat. There could be a story that is more about the woman in the chair then the cat in her arms. The point is, the image holds a different story for everyone.

To better tell whatever the story is, and perhaps to influence the story somewhat, I chose to make this image black and white. Even with the crop, the color in the original distracted from the main players, the woman and her cat. From the very beginning I had determined this image was going to be black and white. Removing the color makes it more powerful and dramatic.

The Original

Notice how the surrounding colors demand your attention and pull your eye to the window. And that green bottle on the ground just screams “look here.”

There are other things I could have done to lessen the distractions, but simply removing the color seemed to me to be the most pure method.

For anyone interested in the settings for this image I shot it in manual mode with my Canon 60D using a Tamron 18-400mm lens set at 128mm. The shutter speed is 1/500 at f/6.3, ISO 400.

Next Up

Thanks for reading. Next time in The View from My Head I will be sharing about the second image from Blue Ridge, and will show you how I fixed the perspective on the image below and other processing steps to reach the final image.