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  • Immanuel – God with Us

    This Christmas season I have been thinking a bit about Immanuel. Not the person, but the meaning. God with Us. This post was started a few days ago, posted, and then realizing it wasn’t quite what I wanted to say I took it back down to do some editing.

  • Focus: Jesus

    If this post looks similar to my last post, it is, a little bit anyway. The time has come for me to write my annual Christmas post, and having done one a couple weeks ago I decided to use it as my template. Mostly because I really don’t know what is going to fall out […]

  • Christmas 2020: Still About Jesus

    Christmas 2020 will be celebrated differently than we have normally celebrated in the past. With all the “restrictions,” whether forced or self-imposed, it may feel like The Grinch has been successful at stopping Christmas, but just like in the Dr. Suess classic, Christmas will come just the same. Sitting with my morning coffee and looking […]

  • One thing for a Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas If I am going to write a Christmas post, now would be the time. Not doing it now would mean not doing it at all. I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking time for too much writing over the next week or so. It feels like Christmas got here awfully quick. Didn’t we […]

  • Our Winter Wonderland 2019

    A dusting of snow in the tree tops.

    Winter Wonderland in the Backyard. Two year anniversary post. It has been two years since our backyard winter wonderland. You can read the post I wrote about it here. It looks like I wasn’t finished with this photo when I posted it. I guess I planned to add it later and forgot. That was our […]

  • Keeping the Holidays in Order

    Gray pumpkins

    Now that Halloween has been left in the past for another year, and the country is back on standard time, we should be careful to keep our holidays in order. With all the marketing strategies geared toward parting you and your money by offering amazing early Christmas shopping deals, it is nearly impossible to not […]

  • The Essence of Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Here we are, Christmas Eve. We haven’t sent Christmas cards this year. It’s not that we didn’t want to, or didn’t plan to, but I’m not even sure it’s a thing anymore. There are so many alternative ways to communicate that sending anything in the mail… Well, it just isn’t done. Besides, I’m not even […]