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  • Tent Caterpillar – Photo of the Day

    tent caterpillar

    This one gets the honor of being my Photo of the Day because it was recently licensed through my Adobe Stock account. It was made during a break in driving as we pulled over at a welcome center on the Georgia/South Carolina border. I don’t recall having ever seen tent caterpillars before, and I found […]

  • Ugly Day at Driftwood Beach

    driftwood beach

    There is a place I had wanted to visit since I first found out about it. It is a beach located on the north end of Jekyll Island. I had seen a lot of incredible images of Driftwood Beach from other photographers, and there was no doubt that I would one day find myself there […]

  • A Return to Starr’s Mill

    After setting a goal to post weekly I decided to take some time off for holiday celebrations and get past all the election angst which took over the Internets. I ended the year with a post about focusing on Jesus. Don’t worry. I won’t be reposting it here, but I do hope you will go […]

  • A Day at Hydrangea Farm Market

    A new shop, new to me anyway, opened in Haralson, Georgia recently. It is called Hydrangea Farm Market. They had their soft opening in September, but Marcie only recently found their page on Facebook. Haralson is only a 30 minute drive from home, so we had to go check it out. It is a farmhouse […]

  • The Way I Saw It

    Like many of you, I watched the documentary, The Way I See It, about Pete Souza’s time as the Chief Official White House photographer. I was more interested in seeing and learning about this photographer’s work than about the politics of the movie. The images he captured of the Regan and Obama White House years […]

  • Eastern Swallowtail: Photo of the Day

    We took a walk by the lake today. Marcie wanted to take a look at some work the POA had done, and the lake trail seemed like a good place to walk the dog. Since I wasn’t planning on photographing anything my “real camera” got left at home. Make no mistake, phone cameras are excellent […]

  • Deer in the Backyard – Photo of the Day

    A deer paused to look in my direction as I stood hidden behind the dark screen on the porch. I slowly braced my lens against the open doorway being careful to not expose myself too much and risk the deer running away. The late afternoon light was fading fading fast and I knew I would […]

  • Simple Improvised Studio Setup Anyone Can Use

    Improv studio setup

    As an outdoor nature and landscape photographer I don’t own a lot of studio equipment, and I don’t think a lot about studio setup. I don’t own any lights, backdrops, light tables, or other equipment you might find in a studio. Heck, I don’t even know what I would need. But I don’t let any […]

  • Top Picks of 2019

    Continuing with making images right up to the end of the year has caused a delay in posting my top picks of 2019. I wanted to get what I have finished posted even though I still have a few to process and edit. Any which turn out to make the favorites list will be added […]

  • Our Winter Wonderland 2019

    A dusting of snow in the tree tops.

    Winter Wonderland in the Backyard. Two year anniversary post. It has been two years since our backyard winter wonderland. You can read the post I wrote about it here. It looks like I wasn’t finished with this photo when I posted it. I guess I planned to add it later and forgot. That was our […]

  • Reasons to Keep Your Photo Rejects

    When you make as many images as I do it stands to reason that there will be a lot of images that simply are not good enough to bother with. This post will discuss some reason to keep your photo rejects, but first a few reasons to reject images: Out of focus images, Overexposed or […]

  • Keeping the Holidays in Order

    Gray pumpkins

    Now that Halloween has been left in the past for another year, and the country is back on standard time, we should be careful to keep our holidays in order. With all the marketing strategies geared toward parting you and your money by offering amazing early Christmas shopping deals, it is nearly impossible to not […]

  • My Halloween Post

    Skeleton with Panama hat and glasses wearing a shirt and vest.

    With Halloween this week, you might expect a post with pictures of ghouls, ghost, and goblins. This isn’t it, but some might think it close. Had I been thinking about this post then, I might have taken more pictures of the creative “scarecrows” on display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens during their “Scarecrows in the […]

  • A Big Sign

    Last fall I grabbed my camera and a tripod and went to see what I could find to shoot. My first stop was at Starr’s Mill. It’s an old historic mill at the intersection of two main highways not far from home. From there I decided to stay off the main roads. Off the beaten […]

  • Eastern Towhee – Photo of the Day

    Occasionally I take my camera along while I walk the dog. Yesterday was one of those days. It was early enough to still have good light, and birds were still active before the heat of the day drove them into hiding. As we rounded a corner an Eastern Towhee perched on the street sign. It […]