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  • Tent Caterpillar – Photo of the Day

    tent caterpillar

    This one gets the honor of being my Photo of the Day because it was recently licensed through my Adobe Stock account. It was made during a break in driving as we pulled over at a welcome center on the Georgia/South Carolina border. I don’t recall having ever seen tent caterpillars before, and I found […]

  • A Morning at Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge

    American Alligator

    It was way back in April when my wife and I visited Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge at Hilton Head, South Carolina. I shot almost 400 frames that morning and spent the next several weeks culling, processing, culling, processing, to get down to the several posted to my Website. Meeting an American Alligator Back in […]

  • Harbour Town Lighthouse

    Harbour Town Lighthouse

    Work has begun on processing the images of Harbour Town Lighthouse and our visit to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The first few are finished. Only the first two really. Close to 300 frames survived the initial cut. A few of them shot in burst mode, and a few were bracketed. If you are not […]