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Amazing Love, My Testimony

Amazing Love, My Testimony

Amazing Love

From the very foundation of creation God has had in place a plan to redeem mankind. Though the first humans, God’s ultimate creative work, created in His image, chose to rebel and turn away from their Creator, He was not willing to forsake them. Love deeper than the ocean, mercy reaching further than the stars, would not allow the Creator to turn His back on his people.

He longs to bring them back to himself. His desire was, and is, and always will be to redeem his wayward children.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” — John 3:16 NIV.

This is what God did for us. God took Heaven’s best—the Lord Jesus Christ—to redeem earth’s worst. The Son of God gave his life and died on a cross, an instrument of Roman torture made for the vilest offenders.

Everyone of us, me included, no matter who we are or what faith or religion we subscribe to, have been enticed to rebel against God. We have all sinned and turned against our Creator, falling short of the glory He desires for us to have (Romans 3:23). However, our unfaithfulness and rebellion have not canceled God’s love for us. In His mercy and grace He has created the way, the only way, for our rescue. It comes through His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23).

We are redeemed, recovered, and restored, not by anything we could ever do or say, or any price we could offer. Our forgiveness and redemption is freely given through the precious blood of Christ.

This is amazing love.

My Testimony

It has been 51 years since I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive my sins and be my savior. As I rose from my prayer of confession of my sins and acceptance of the Lord’s gift of salvation, the knowledge of my redemption overwhelmed me. Though I was a young teen, I had acknowledged my need for the Savior, and the Holy Spirit sealed me as a child of God for all eternity.

Having believed Jesus and accepting him as Savior at an early age I had not fallen into the kinds of sins we often hear in Christian testimonies. Still, I recognized my sinfulness, my sin nature, and in the following years saw what I could have become, but for the grace of God. I have seen where I could have gone astray and how depravity could have gotten it’s hands on me, but for Jesus in my life. Greater is He who is in me than he who seeks my harm (1 John 4:4).

My testimony is simple. The Holy Spirit can convict someone and show them their sinfulness even when they have, by the standard of this world, not committed egregious sins or sunk down into the depths of a depraved lifestyle.

That doesn’t mean I have never experienced a troubled moment. No one is promised a trouble-free life of rainbows and unicorns because they accept Jesus as Savior. To the contrary, over the years my faith has been challenged and tested. Plenty of temptation has assailed me. There have been days, weeks, even months of wandering, but the Lord never left me. He was always with me. Just as He promised (Matthew 28:20). Never intruding, but through the Holy Spirit constantly guiding me back to Himself and reassuring me that my sins are forgiven.

I cannot fathom what my life would be like without Jesus by my side. Nor do I understand how anyone can reject the Savior once they have heard about His wonderful gift of new life; salvation from sin and a relationship with the Creator of all things, our Heavenly Father. Yet many do, and I pray you are not one of them.

We all need the Savior. All have sinned. All have rebelled against the Lord their God. All of us, including me and every other Christian you know has need of the Savior. Everyone needs to confess their sin, rebellion, idolatry, and return to the One who shed his blood for our redemption.

So what’s next?

What’s next really depends on you.

Maybe you think I’m completely out to lunch. Okay. I will pray for you. God won’t give up on you, and neither will I.

You could have more questions or just want to know more. That’s great. I will do my best to help you, or refer you to someone who may be better equipped to answer your questions. You can use the contact form below.

If my testimony was so compelling that you are ready to ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, keep reading. That is fantastic. I rejoice with you and would love to follow up and help you get started in your journey with Jesus. Contact me using the form below.

If you are ready to receive Christ as your savior…

  • Admit that you are a sinner and you need the Savior.
  • Be willing to turn from your sins, and ask God to forgive you.
  • Believe that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross and rose from the grave.
  • Invite Jesus Christ to come in and control your life through the Holy Spirit.

Here is a prayer you can pray to receive Christ. You can repeat it as written or say it in your own words. There is no formula. What matters is that you sincerely mean it and sincerely believe it.

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner. I want to turn from my sins, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe that Jesus Christ is Your Son. I believe He died for my sins and that You raised Him to life. I want Him to come into my heart and to take control of my life. I want to trust Jesus as my Savior and follow Him as my Lord from this day forward. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Now go and tell someone, or use the form below to contact me.

Thanks for reading, and if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior because of this testimony, I would like to know and help you get started on your journey.

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