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  • Tent Caterpillar – Photo of the Day

    tent caterpillar

    This one gets the honor of being my Photo of the Day because it was recently licensed through my Adobe Stock account. It was made during a break in driving as we pulled over at a welcome center on the Georgia/South Carolina border. I don’t recall having ever seen tent caterpillars before, and I found […]

  • Eastern Swallowtail: Photo of the Day

    We took a walk by the lake today. Marcie wanted to take a look at some work the POA had done, and the lake trail seemed like a good place to walk the dog. Since I wasn’t planning on photographing anything my “real camera” got left at home. Make no mistake, phone cameras are excellent […]

  • Deer in the Backyard – Photo of the Day

    A deer paused to look in my direction as I stood hidden behind the dark screen on the porch. I slowly braced my lens against the open doorway being careful to not expose myself too much and risk the deer running away. The late afternoon light was fading fading fast and I knew I would […]

  • Wild Babies Visit the Backyard

    Goslings resting on the ground

    Wild Babies – Photo of the Day, May 14, 2020 The goslings visiting our yard the past few days finally settled down enough for me to get a picture of them this morning. Four of them anyway. The other two insisted on running around the yard. Probably trying to keep mom on her toes. These […]

  • Eastern Towhee – Photo of the Day

    Occasionally I take my camera along while I walk the dog. Yesterday was one of those days. It was early enough to still have good light, and birds were still active before the heat of the day drove them into hiding. As we rounded a corner an Eastern Towhee perched on the street sign. It […]

  • Carolina Wren Survives Crash with Window

    Carolina Wren

    Thump! Dog barking… Repeated thumps with movement on the back porch. Sunday afternoon football on television interrupted. Went out to the back porch to see what the commotion was and saw a Carolina Wren flying around the screened porch in search of an escape. I did my best to assist. Unsuccessfully. Quiet. Where did the […]

  • Productivity: Getting Things Done by Focusing

    Bluebird with mealworm

    An interesting title coming from a photographer. It came about because that is exactly what I have been doing the past couple days. Focusing… …which has resulted in… Productivity. Focus Right now I’m taking a break to write this from a bunch of processing of images in my backlog. As I plodded along in my […]

  • Noisy Telephone Booth at Night

    telephone booth

    Telephone Booth A telephone booth is a rare find these days. When you do find them it seems it is never suitable for it’s intended use. Not once have I seen a super hero come out of one in flashy tights and take off into the sky. But I have seen people go into them […]

  • Old Tin Gin: Photo of the Day

    Old Tin Gin

    Every Photo Has a Story The other day Marcie and I went by the Old Tin Gin in Sargent, Georgia. It was something we had been wanting to do since we arrived here. As we drove by at the end of the final leg of our cross-country journey we saw flags surrounding the building that […]