Randy Bayne

Category: Wildlife

  • A Deer Visits My Backyard

    Over the past several days we have had a few deer visit our yard and the trees across the creek. They come here for the abundance of food available, both outside our yard and inside. Here is a short (under two minutes) video slideshow of one of the recent visits. I suspect that hidden not […]

  • Getting back to making images

    Making images never really stopped. The pandemic just slowed me down a little, and other priorities have limited time spent on processing photos. There is a huge backlog waiting to be processed, and at the same time I am making more new images. Spring may be the reason It was a slow start this year. […]

  • Eastern Towhee – Photo of the Day

    Occasionally I take my camera along while I walk the dog. Yesterday was one of those days. It was early enough to still have good light, and birds were still active before the heat of the day drove them into hiding. As we rounded a corner an Eastern Towhee perched on the street sign. It […]

  • A Morning at Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge

    American Alligator

    It was way back in April when my wife and I visited Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge at Hilton Head, South Carolina. I shot almost 400 frames that morning and spent the next several weeks culling, processing, culling, processing, to get down to the several posted to my Website. Meeting an American Alligator Back in […]

  • Productivity: Getting Things Done by Focusing

    Bluebird with mealworm

    An interesting title coming from a photographer. It came about because that is exactly what I have been doing the past couple days. Focusing… …which has resulted in… Productivity. Focus Right now I’m taking a break to write this from a bunch of processing of images in my backlog. As I plodded along in my […]

  • Blue Heron in My Backyard

    Blue Heron

    Great Blue Heron A couple days ago I grabbed an image of a Blue Heron in my backyard. I posted a Tweet with an image, but not having the image processed, I posted one made back in January. It’s the same heron, though I suppose it could be another. The plan was to post the […]

  • Bluebird Teaches a Lesson on Life Outside the Box

    Bluebird fledglings

    When we moved into our house last August there was already a Bluebird nesting box in the backyard. As spring approached, we bought some bird feeders, some birdseed and dried meal worms, and enjoyed watching as a variety of birds visited our yard. We enjoyed visits from thrushes, finches, sparrows, woodpeckers, wrens, cardinals, blackbirds, robins, […]