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Our Winter Wonderland 2019

A dusting of snow in the tree tops.

Winter Wonderland in the Backyard. Two year anniversary post.

It has been two years since our backyard winter wonderland. You can read the post I wrote about it here. It looks like I wasn’t finished with this photo when I posted it. I guess I planned to add it later and forgot.

That was our first Christmas in Georgia, and in spite of being assured by our neighbors that snow was a rare occurrence in this part of the state we had snow. It didn’t last all the way to Christmas day. There has been no snow since. I guess the neighbors were right.

A dusting of snow in the tree tops.

Snow can be beautiful. It can also be ugly. Very ugly. I like to see it coming down and watch as the landscape transforms from dreary and dull to cheery and bright. It’s great if you don’t have to go outside and actually be in it. Seen in a photograph or through a window while sitting next to a warm fire, snow is the definition of winter wonderland.

One of my favorites

Since making this image two years ago it has grown to be one of my favorite photos. I had forgotten, until reading the old post, that the photo that was supposed to go with that post was made with my iPhone. That would have been an iPhone 6 back in the technological ancient history of 2017. The likely scenario is that I intended to replace the iPhone shot with this one and then got distracted.

This is one of my favorite images. It was not made with an iPhone, rather with my DSLR, a Canon 60D. For those who are interested in such things the settings are posted to the right. I don’t remember if I used a tripod. Probably not.

We aren’t sending Christmas cards this year. It doesn’t seem to be a thing in this day of social media messaging and electronic communication. Last year I think we got three cards.

If you are one who still sends card and you like this snowy winter scene, you can order cards here. The great thing about ordering cards from me is they are generic. Write your own copy and send them for any occasion.

Speaking of favorites, if you don’t send cards and just want to see pictures, I will be posting my Top Picks 2019 soon after January 1. If you would like to suggest one of my images for a Top Pick you can email me with your suggestion or go to my photo gallery site and leave a comment (requires log-in) on your favorite images. Telling me why it should be a top pick will help.

Want to see last years Top Picks? Here’s the link.

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