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The View from My Head.
A simple blog about my photography, my thoughts and opinions, and my Bible studies.


I share my photography on a few sites, and even sell prints on a couple. Landscape and nature for the most part, but I do more just because I can.


Notes from my Bible studies and genealogy research. I’m just getting started so there is more to come.


Shop for prints of my work on paper, canvass, and more. Hundreds of items and gift ideas available through Collage.com.


my creative portfolio

View and shop my photos.

Randy Bayne

About Me

Since the late 1970’s I have been studying and practicing the art and science of photography. I love to share my knowledge and images and help others to create images of their own.

With the advent of the Internet age, I decided to try my hand at Web creation to augment my photography. In 2015 I retired from more than 20 years in education as a Web developer.

Taking that experience and combining it with other personal experience, I now spend my time sharing my work online and hopefully bringing some calm to the online world.

I am an amateur photographer, doodling graphic designer, blogger, student of the Bible, and dabbler in family history. This is my personal Website, and a summary of what I do with links to my photography, blog, and other projects.


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Randy Bayne