Randy Bayne


I am an amateur photographer, doodling graphic designer, blogger, student and teacher of the Bible, and dabbler in my family’s history.

Along with my wife Marcie, I am also an Independent Consultant for Scout and Cellar Clean-Crafted™ Wines, though I don’t post about that here…yet. If you want to learn more check out this Website.

Originally, I created my Website as a place to share my images and a little about my photography. After many redesigns over the years I am in the process of doing one more. So if things seem a little disorganized for awhile, that’s why. Thanks for your patience.

My intent is to expand the site beyond being about photography and a blog. I want to include some of my Bible study notes and family genealogy, but the main focus will still be photography and the blog.

I will be back later to fill in more detail, but here is just a bit about me.

Since about 1975 I have been interested in photography and have been mostly teaching myself. I have taken a few classes at local colleges, but found that the best way for me to learn photography is the same method I use to teach others. Go out and shoot.

When I discovered I could write my own Web pages, sometime in the late1980’s and early 1990’s, I started sharing my images online. It’s a lot easier today. So easy that it started to become a bit overwhelming. I’ve slowed my sharing now, but still want to get my images to where they can be seen.

Before I was a photographer I was teaching the Bible fairly regularly. I still do, but now it is less teaching and more personal study. My notes will start finding there way to this site in their own area. Right now, it’s pretty sparse.

Since a project for a Cultural Anthropology class I took in college I have been interested in tracing my family roots. The Internet helped put me in contact with a lot of folks who have a lot of information, and I’ve gathered information that I am trying to sort through and get posted. Some has already made it here, and when I have time more gets added. It is definitely not a priority, but it is here for anyone who is interested.

You can also get to both my Bible study notes and Genealogy areas from the Resources menu item at the top.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me here or use the contact menu item. If you would like to get regular updates you can subscribe as well.